Why Is My Phone Not Charging?

15 Feb 18
why is my phone not charging
  Uh, the dreaded situation of a mobile phone not charging even when it’s plugged in. This is arguably one of the most frustrating situations and it usually takes place when we really need our phone to charge. Whether you have a Samsung or iPhone, we will explain in this post why your phone isn’t charging and what to do.

Try Another Charger

The first thing you want to do in this situation is to start eliminating variables as to why your phone is not charging. Start by using a completely different charger (including a different wall socket) and see how your phone responds. This immediately tells us whether you have a broken charger or phone.
samsung fast charger

Check Your USB Port

Your USB port could be the reason for a dead phone. Is there anything obstructing your port with the charger? Grab a flashlight and inspect the port to see if it may be dirty or out of place. The smallest fracture can prevent a phone from charging to inspect it to see if anything looks odd. A USB port can become faulty from continual inserting a and removing of a charger, and often times not gently. Try blowing into your port to remove any minor obstructions and then see if it makes a difference.
charging port

Reboot Your Phone

Reboot your device and keep it off for a few minutes. Often, we experience problems with our phones and a simple reboot get everything back in place. However, this is unlikely to solve the problem but can still work!

Why Is My Samsung Phone Not Charging?

For Android users who recently upgraded to the latest software version, try downgrading to see what happens to your phone. The reason could like within your phone in that it is not capable of running the latest version and is thus affecting the hardware. If this is the case, you should consider sticking with the previous Android version.

Switch Batteries

The average lifespan of a mobile phone battery is two years. After two years, the battery can start to drain quicker and become less responsive. If you have had your battery for longer than two years, consider getting it replaced. This is not only to help your phone charge, but it also helps the overall health of your phone. This could be an even more serious issue if your battery has started to increase in size or leak fluid. If you have noticed an increase in size in your battery, get it to a mobile phone repair shop right away to get it changed.
samsung battery

Use a Powerful Source

Please do not use your laptop to charge your phone (unless you must). Laptops provide a weak power source because they must be charged too. A wall socket delivers double the amount of power compared to a laptop so to test if your phone is not charging, use a wall socket.
smartphone laptop source

Use Ampere

There are multiple reasons why a phone may not be charging, a great tool in detecting issues is Ampere, which is available from the Google Play Store.
Ampere is helpful in knowing if your phone is charging the speed of which it is charging. If the number in the app displayed is green, then the device is charging, however, if the number is orange as a negative value then your phone is not charging and is using power. If you have tried all these suggestions and your phone is still not charging, bring it in to have our team of professionals have a look at it. The last thing you want to do is cause my damage to your phone by trying to fix it.

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