What iPhones work with Airpods?

12 Aug 18
apple airpods case
When Apple launched the iPhone 7 series it did not have a headphone jack. They introduced Airpods which are wireless headphones to compensate for lack of the traditional phone jack. These small devices have revolutionized the way people listen to audio files on their phones. Plans are underway by Apple to enable people with hearing impairment to use them as hearing aid. So does that mean that Airpods work only when connected to the iPhone 7 series only? Read on to find out more about what devices Airpods are compatible with.

Use of bluetooth

Airpods work for all mobile devices that are Bluetooth-compatible as they make use of Bluetooth technology to connect to the device. This therefore means that all iPhones can connect with Airpods as they make use of standard Bluetooth connection. Connecting iPhones with Bluetooth devices involves putting it in pairing mode and checking if it is being recognized by your iPhone. This sometimes may take a while as they might fail to connect. With Airpods, it is much easier as all you have to do is remove the Airpods from their case and they connect to the iPhone automatically.

Operating System

Airpods require an iCloud account and work perfectly well on all devices that use iOS 10 or later, macOS Sierra or WatchOS 3. This implies that they are compatible with all iPhones developed after the iPhone 5 series.

Extra features

Although the Airpods are not limited to iPhone 7 series, using them with iPhone 7 gives you access to extra features that other iPhone users can’t get. This can be attributed to the special W1 chip installed in the iPhone 7 series only which improves their functionality, pairing as well as battery life. These extra features can’t be accessed by someone using Airpods an android device or windows phone. The extra features are;

Easy access

Double tapping on your Airpods gives you an easy access to Siri, a feature that you cannot find while using other iPhones. The Bluetooth pairing is also made fast and simple when using iPhone 7 because of the W1 chip. Once you have done the initial set up of your Airpods, whenever you remove them from the Airpods case they automatically re-pair to your iPhone.

Smart Features

Relying on the W1 chip, Airpods are able to sense when they are in the ears and when they have been removed. This smart technology enables them to stop playback when they are removed and switching the playback on when they are put back in the ears.

iCloud Pairing

Once you pair you Airpods to your iPhone device, it is automatically paired with all other Apple devices that you have through the iCloud. All you require is to use the same Apple ID on all the devices for this to work. It is also possible for you to switch from one device to the other by viewing standard Bluetooth settings and choosing the device you want to connect to from the list of devices given.

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