Tips To Protect Your Phone Screen

26 Apr 18
tips protect phone screen
The screen is one of the most vulnerable areas of a smartphone. It’s delicate, breaking it or even a simple crack makes the phone look unsightly. No one wants that. This blog post brings you best tips on how to keep your phone screen safe. Try them to retain the beauty of your iPhone, Samsung or any other smartphone.

Invest In a Glass Protector

If you are using a smartphone, this accessory is a must-have. Some vendors refer to it as a tempered-glass screen protector. A glass protector is a thin film that is normally stuck on top of the phone’s screen to protect the main glass from any potential harm. Although many glass protectors are made of plastic, they go a long way in protecting your phone’s glass from breaking.
As suggested in the name, screen guards are soldiers that protect the screen of your phone from scratches, breaking and the like. With a screen guard in place, all potential harm causes an impact on the protector but your phone remains safe.  Smartphone screen guards come in different sizes for different smartphones and are easy to install and replace in case of damage.

Use a Microfiber to Clean Your Phone

Many people use wet towels or napkins; fabrics they would consider ‘soft’ when cleaning the phone screen.  The reality is, though they might feel soft on the skin, these fabrics are not gentle on a phone screen and could be beginning of your phone screen damage. For less than $10, you can invest in a neat pack of microfiber. Use this fabric to gently clean your phone in circles.

Quit Typing On Your Phone As You Walk

Whether it is replying that quick text, or searching a contact, don’t do it while walking. This is a bad habit and many people are guilty of it. Aside from risking dropping your phone, you could end up tripping or walking right into someone else and that is quite annoying.

Keep Your Phone Away From Water

Water is an enemy of many electronic gadgets, smartphones are no exception. It is easy to think that since your phone has been described as water resistant, that your case is different. I bring you some news; even the water resistant phones like the Sony Xperia XZ and iPhone 7 have a limited ingress protection. They have all been tested and proven to last in water for given periods of time and for specific water depths. That said, why risk?

If It Does Not Fit In Correctly, Do Not Slide Your Phone into Your Pocket

Many smartphones are around 5 inches and above, clearly, they do not fit into many pockets. Nonetheless, many of us like sliding them in while walking or when listening to some music. This habit poses a potential danger to your phone’s screen because it can easily slide out of the pocket and hit the ground screen first causing unwanted damage to your phone screen. Another bad habit to avoid is placing the phone in the back pocket, forgetting it’s actually there and sitting on it. This causes an impact on all the breakable parts of your phone, in many cases, the screen is the first victim.

Buy a Flip Cover for Your Phone

There is a trending notion that slim phones are cool. Agreed, but why go for ‘coolness’ at the expense of your hard earned cash? They might look old-fashioned but flip covers offer general protection to your phone. Nowadays, there are flip covers designed for specific phone models and you can, therefore, pick one whose fit is just right.
In the event that your phone still gets damaged, do not hesitate to contact us. We have specialists who will help you in case of repairs or accessory replacements.

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