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Tips for Longer Laptop Battery Life

It’s not a secret that, the usage of laptop increases, its battery life diminishes. There’s nothing good about running out of charge when you’re trying to complete important stuffs, and not being able to find a plug to recharge your battery meantime. Clearly, the type of operating system has something to do with the battery performance. The new operating systems uses rich graphics, and hence consumes more battery.

Short term battery stretching tips:

Activate your battery Saver or Eco Mode:

Most of the Battery Saver or Eco mode will engage a number of automatic changes to improve or extend the usability of battery life. These profiles, will automatically adjusts the components into low power stats. This is done by turning off unnecessary apps and other processes, reduce power consumption, and adjusts your activities to use less power.

Disable All unused devices and Ports:

The easiest way to reduce the power consumption is to simply turn unwanted stuffs off. Start to disconnect any unneeded components like USB mouses, external drives, and turn off the biggest power controls like WiFi, Bluetooth, graphics processors, and other drives.

Long term battery stretching tips:

Keep the brightness down when you are on the go:

If you are out and about already, looking at the battery that may not make it to the next outlet you’ll have access to, the first thing you have to do is that, cut power to the laptop’s bigger power sink; the screen. On a typical laptop, you generally hold the function button and press the brightness button on your laptop keyboard. The lower brightness means you can use your laptop on battery power for longer duration.

Avoid using screensavers:

If you left your laptop sometime without any activity, the screensavers will starts playing. It consumes the battery, so it’s better to turn off.

Avoid Full Discharge:

When your laptop is fully discharged, it forces a shutdown. As the battery uses a full charge cycle, don’t allow your laptop’s battery to drop down to zero percentage. Make sure, that you have stopped using your laptop when you get any alert from your computer.

Hibernate is better than Sleep:

Standby or the sleep mode is also known as the power saving states, and which lets you bring your computer to idle state. It is advisable to use the hibernate mode instead of sleep mode because sleep mode consumes slight power in comparison to hibernate mode which consumes no power.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures:

It is highly recommended that, not to keep your devices in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

During the past many years, laptops became an essential part in all area, and its essential to to make few adjustments, especially if you spend more time on your laptop. We hope the tips given in this page help you to improve the battery performance. Visit our store in Perth, if you still face any issues regarding the same, we will help you in laptop repairs perth.

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