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Due to prolong use, the laptop keyboards may become faulty and stop working. The keyboard is a very important part of the laptop and which is consistently exposed to external influence. Laptop keyboard repair or replacement is an affordable way to increase the usability of your machine.

Sometimes the keyboards may not work due to issues such as:

Stuck Keys:

Particles stuck in the keyboard might cause issues. If you feels like the keys are not comfortable to press or stuck, try cleaning around the keys with a clean rag with some liquid cleaners. Sometimes the keys have to be physically removed to clean underneath.

Loose or Bad Connections:

Sometimes the keyboard might loose the connection with the motherboard. In this case, the laptop keyboard need to be removed and ribbon cable need to be reconnected on the motherboard.

Tips to save keyboard from water damage:

  • Unplug your laptop and remove the battery immediately.

You need to eliminate all power sources of laptop as quickly as possible.

  • Don’t put the battery back on.

This is very important point. Do even consider reattaching power to your laptop for a minimum of 20 hours.

  • Remove any detachable components.

Remove one by one that you can remove from your laptop. As you remove each component, you need to confirm that they are clean, if there is any sign of wetness, then follow the next step.

  • Clean your laptop with extreme care.

This step is often very difficult and time consuming.

  • Fix the components correctly and let it dry for 24 hours.

Here in Device Expert, we will fix all kind of laptop repairs including the keyboard repairs or replacements, water damages, screen replacements, virus removals etc.

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