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High Quality Sony Repairs in Perth

Has your Sony phone stopped working? Don’t worry, leave the checking and repair part to us. We provide professional standard repairs to your Sony phone with genuine parts unlike other repair centres in Perth. Everything from screen replacement, software issues to major issues will be covered by us. Our experts leave no stone unturned to get your phone as good as before giving priority to the quality service and your satisfaction. All mobile phone, sony and xperia phones are repaired here at Device Expert.
Walk in with a damaged Sony phone and walk out with as good as a brand new phone.

Very customer focused. Device Expert were very helpful, courteous and went out of their way to assist me. The repairs were done very well and quickly. Thanks
What a great service! In this age of rip-offs, it’s refreshing to know that a business quickly repairs your product AND rings you to tell you it’s done AND will cost no more than their quote. I wish I had more iphones to get repaired!
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