Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Tips & Tricks

06 Mar 18
samsung galaxy S8 hidden tips tricks
Do you own a Samsung S8 Smartphone? Whether you’ve just bought one or you’ve had one for a while, there may be one or two features you may be unaware of. With every smartphone, there are hidden features waiting to be uncovered through trial and error. Or maybe just error. Regardless of the case, every phone has certain features that can save you time, which is what we will be discussing in our latest post.

Enable fingerprint, face and iris recognition

Enabling face and finger resolution is a real time saver. You would be surprised by how often you’ll use the finger print sign in as it’s such an easy and convenient way to access your smartphone. In addition to setting your fingerprint, you can also set up facial recognition, here’s how:
Go to your settings and search for ‘Lock screen and security’. Tap on the option that says ‘Fingerprint scanner’ and touch the scanner with the finger you want to unlock your phone with (tip: your thumb and index finger are the easiest). Touch the scanner multiple times using various positions until you get 100 percent. To set up facial recognition, simple select ‘Face Recognition’ and place your face using the front camera inside the marked area. Yes, it is this easy. Iris security is activated by selecting the option that says, ‘iris scanner’ and then holding your device around 10 inches from your eyes.

Easily Adjust Your Screen Resolution

The Samsung 8 default resolution is set to 1080p resolution probably to save power. This can easily be adjusted through the Display menu by navigating toward the settings and then selecting ‘Screen Resolution’. For the sharpest display, select the WQHD+ option, but keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the harder the phone needs to work to display graphics.
screen resolution

Disable Screenshot Notifications

Tired of receiving notifications every time you take a screenshot? In case you were unaware your just took a photo of your screen, Samsung notifies you about it. This is easy to disable and can be done by going to Setting and then into App notifications. Simple switch Enable notifications off and you will no longer receive screenshot confirmations. In addition to screen captures, you can turn off any other notifications from apps that you don’t want.

Customise Your Home Screen

Through this feature, you can decide what grid and layout you would like to use for your home screen. Simply Search within your settings for your home screen and select  the setting that says ‘Home Screen Layout’. From here, you can decide whether you want a grid layout of 4 x 5, 4 x 6 or 5 x 5  for apps on the home screen. This is helpful especially for those that have multiple apps because it can neatly organise all your applications in one place making them easily accessible.
To set the app drawer, tap the Apps Screen Grid to select dimensions between 4 x 6 or 5 x 6 grid and see which size works better for your device and number of applications.
  homescreen layout

 Set Your S8 for One Hand

Sometimes controlling your phone with one hand is just more convenient. Whether you trying to access your phone while jogging or on the treadmill, using only one hand makes it much easier. Samsung includes an easy-to-use, one-handed mode that can be configured for both left- and right-handed users.
Simply search in your settings for ‘one-handed mod’e and tap to turn the feature on. From here you can select between two different styles of activating one-handed mode. The first method is done by swiping up diagonally from either the bottom corner or you can activate this by tapping the virtual home button three times.
  s8 one hand

Using Always on Display

Similar to the S7, the S8’S On Display feature keeps the phone’s screen dimly lit even when it’s switched off. You can see whether you have received any notification and information on the time and date (if you set that up). In addition there will also be alerts for missed calls, text messages, and more. As you can imagine, an always on-display mode allows you to keep your phone inactive while still knowing whether you have received any notifications.
The default settings ensure the time is always displayed, however, this can be customised by going to Settings, finding Lock screen and security and then selecting Always On Display. The always on display feature can be entirely disabled through these setting if you don’t want the phone to display anything while inactive. You can customise your preferences as well for example deciding whether you want to a clock, digital clock, calendar or images.
  homescreen display
As you can imagine, these are just some of the many features that can be implemented on a Samsung S8. Using these tips will save you time and you will also enjoy your smartphone more because it has been set to your preferences.

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