Phone Accessories: Why You Need To Buy a Screen Protector & Case For Your Mobile Phone

02 Feb 18
  We’ve heard it again and again, ‘should I get a case and screen protector for my phone’? The answer: Yes. As phone repair specialists in Perth, a cracked screen is one of the most common issues we see. It’s almost inevitable. If you own a mobile phone, there’s a good chance you have dropped it, or still will.   It’s expected. So how do we combat this? Protecting your phone can save you time and money so it’s worth investing into some gear that may prove to be beneficial in the long run. Whether you own an iPhone, Samsung or an HTC, your phone needs protection. In this blog post, we will be discussing what you can use today to start protecting your phone from its next drop.

Screen Protectors

The general rule of thumb is this; if you are buying a phone, buy a screen protector with it. Don’t buy a new phone and plan on buying a screen protector in the future because, by the time you actually buy one, you may already need to get it repaired. Your phone needs a screen protector to keep it from scratches and cracks. So as a mobile phone user, you owe it to yourself (and your bank account) to ask one simple question: is it cheaper for me to pay for repairs later, or to buy a screen protector and case now? I think we all know what the answer to this is.

How Do Screen Protectors Work?

Essentially, screen protectors act as an extra layer of protection on top of the glass that aids in scratch and dirt prevention as well as absorbing shock when it hits the surface. There are mainly two types; plastic and tempered glass.

Plastic Screen Protector:

If you’ve ever seen bubbles on your mobile phone screen, you have a plastic screen protector. A plastic screen protector offers a basic form of protection to your phone. This protector keeps the general issues at bay such as scratches, dust, and dirt. The advantage of the plastic protector is that it’s easy to apply to your phone, however, getting the mobile phone seller to apply the screen protector on your phone for you is probably the safest option.
  plastic screen protector  

Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

This is where things get serious. In short, glass does the job. A glass protector is really an upgrade from plastic because it offers stronger protection as it actually absorbs extra pressure when a phone drops or when it’s smashed. If you have the budget, go for the glass protector because it will still be cheaper than getting your screen repaired.
  glass screen protector  

Phone Case

Just like your screen needs protection, the outside of your phone needs a case that’s going to prevent scratches and dents. One thing to remember is a case isn’t just to keep your phone looking shiny, it mainly for ensuring the phone itself is not damaged. Even if you don’t care about scratches or dents, the inside of the phone is a lot more important than the outside, so you must ensure that is being protected. The iPhone for example, has a camera lens flush with the back, meaning it’s much more prone to damage. In addition to damaging your camera, you could also damage one of the buttons on your phone, which would lead to an extremely frustrating experience when using it, and therefore result in having the button repaired.
  screen case
  Another great advantage of having a case on your phone is that it will be easier to sell the phone if it has been protected from the beginning. A phone that has never had a case will look a lot worse than a mobile that has been protected and therefore, a lot harder to sell. At the end of the day, protective gear is about saving money. By equipping your phone with a screen protector and case, you are prolonging its value. It’s up to you, pay an extra $30 for a screen and case, or pay a few hundred for a repair.

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