Microsoft Surface Repairs

Purchasing a Microsoft surface as the desirable device to perform tasks is a great idea and a worthwhile asset. It is therefore devastating when such a device gets damaged and fails to perform as expected. The features of Microsoft surface devices enable the user to be more creative and productive at the same time. They are exceedingly convenient and desirable to most people. However, like any other Laptops, they are prone to water damage, screen damage/crack, broken charging ports and malfunctioning buttons. Nevertheless, seeking experienced expert technicians for the above Microsoft repairs or any other that have not been mentioned above ensures that your device is back to its normal state and to its capability level as fast as possible. Below are some of the Microsoft surface devices that are repaired in Perth, Australia.

  • Microsoft surface studio

Surface studio is the first desktop computer to be manufactured wholly by Microsoft and uses the Windows 10 operating system. Its 28” adjustable PixelSense Display makes the screen brilliant for visualizing ideas when painting, designing and editing. Having a distinct NVIDIA GeForce dGPU accelerates its professional performance. Interestingly, the display can be moved down into Studio Mode from an upright angle with one hand due to the Zero Gravity Hinge. Usually, it includes a Surface Pen, Surface Mouse and Surface Keyboard

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop

This powerful laptop is designed and produced by Microsoft. It is thin and portable. It has a stunning screen with the edge-to-edge 13.5” PixelSense Display, can respond to touch and has an ultra-thin bezel. Its keyboard is covered by Alcantara fabric for a natural typing experience. For its high performance, it uses Microsoft-verified apps from the Windows Store exclusively. This surface laptop is designed for Windows 10 S for security and fast performance. You can however switch to windows 10 pro through the windows store for free.

  • Microsoft Surface Book

A surface book can be differentiated from the other surface models due to its detachable keyboard that is full size and utilizes a vibrant fulcrum hinge that expands when the device is opened. When the keyboard is detached, the screen can be used as a clipboard with the assistance of the included surface pen. Interestingly, the keyboard contains a second battery, various ports and an optional graphics card for high performance when it is docked to the clip board (screen part).

  • Microsoft Surface pro

This is an ultra-light and very versatile Microsoft surface device. The versatility does not limit its capabilities. It performs more, has more battery power and a greater display with 12.3″ PixelSense Display (2736 x 1824). The display supports the optical stylus pen and touch. With the dependence of technology in this century, the possibility of low productivity and achieving less is expected when the devices that we use get damaged. Most Microsoft surface repairs can be done through the mail-in repair process. For residents in Australia, Device Expert offers this service with free registered posting. The process is fast and simple and provide fast and smooth repairs. This makes the repairs effortless for you and you are able to get back to your work as soon as possible.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Screen Repair

Using a phone, tablet or laptop with a cracked screen is impossible, we provide Microsoft surface pro 6 screen replacement services. Microsoft Surface 6 pros are also known as the Surface Pro 2018. Any Surface Pro 6 model is adaptable with this repair apart from the internal components as the screen and LCD is the same for all variants. Repairing or replacing the device screen will also fix issues related to the touchscreen. Digitizer is responsible for touch in all the devices, during the repairing it also gets repaired which help to improve the touch quality of the device. Microsoft surface pro 6 has 12.3inch display and 2,736 x 1,8424 PixelSense display. Cracks in the screen can affect all your work on the device like viewing the picture, writing, or it may also hurt you if any single piece of glass gets stuck in your finger. If the LCD is broken it may lead to a damaged image or no image. Repairing or replacing the screen will fix the shattered glass screen, digitizer and LCD all at the same time. Sometimes back case also gets damaged, if the device has been damaged from a drop. Generally, we repair small bends in your device at no additional cost.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Screen Repair

Microsoft surface pro 2 is that tablet that does all the work of a laptop, you won’t get a better tablet than Microsoft surface pro 2. It is one of the most popular tablets in the market today. like all tablets, the Microsoft Surface 2 is prone to screen damage. If you are not too good at handling tablets, this is the perfect choice for you as this is prone to scratches, cracks, and a broken screen. If in case any damage happens to your Microsoft surface pro 2 don’t get panic you can easily get your Microsoft surface pro 2 screen repair.

Besides being prone to screen damage Microsoft surface pro 2 has an amazing feature that is prone to water damage this is a good feature in tablets. You can protect your Microsoft Surface Pro 2 from water damage by keeping it in a protective case and by using it carefully near water. If your Microsoft Surface 2 gets water-damaged, it’s not a big deal so, don’t worry too much. All you have to do is get your Microsoft surface repair in Perth by knowledgeable and experienced technicians. They will discuss the problem and tell you exactly what it can be fixed so you can start using it in no time.

We provide a variety of Microsoft Surface repairs includes Surface, Surface Book, and Surface Pro screen repair, generally, we fix all your phones and tablets on the same day so you will not live without your device for a long time. Our experts are providing Surface Pro repairs since day 1, Microsoft Surface screen replacements are like bread-and-butter for us, we have experts for all your issues so we can help you out with other issues also. We aim at quality service, using only the best and original quality parts, and with our affordable prices. Repairing Microsoft surfaces is becoming more common. The most common is Microsoft surface 2 Screen repair or screen replacement. Nowadays screen repairing and replacement is completed within a day.

We Replace most of the Microsoft Surface Screen because we have build trust in customers by giving them original parts. It’s quite difficult to get genuine replacement screens, but I am happy to announce that I have most of the screens with me because of my popularity crowning. If anyone of you is using a phone or tablet with a damaged screen or any other issue you can take it to us, we will help you to solve this issue at an affordable price and with the best quality. It seems like repairing all the Microsoft Surface is the same, but it’s not like that it depends on how the damage occurs. Sometimes by mistake our phones or tablets get drop down on the floor that causes chassis damage which includes not only shattered the screen but also dented the chassis of this Microsoft Surface Pro.

Very customer focused. Device Expert were very helpful, courteous and went out of their way to assist me. The repairs were done very well and quickly. Thanks
What a great service! In this age of rip-offs, it’s refreshing to know that a business quickly repairs your product AND rings you to tell you it’s done AND will cost no more than their quote. I wish I had more iphones to get repaired!
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