Need your Macbook repaired?

Walk into any University, and it becomes impossible to count the number of MacBooks in use by students. MacBooks have become rather popular among most but especially students. Cognizant of this fact, and taking into account the number of Universities in or near Perth in Australia, we have positioned ourselves as the premier shop dealing with MacBook Repairs Perth. Having repaired over 20,000 Apple, laptop repairs Perth, iMac and Windows Laptop devices over the years, we are equipped with the necessary knowledge to deal with any issue your MacBook might be exhibiting.

A MacBook just like any other PC is prone to virus attacks from untrustworthy websites or sources. A virus is capable of wreaking massive damage if not taken care of. It can damage your sensitive data, make your computer behave abnormally such as frequent switching on and off, slow down your computer making it impossible to work with, prevent your computer from connecting to a wireless connection amongst other annoying behaviors. We have not only perfected the art of getting rid of viruses in your MacBook, we are also knowledgeable in retrieving data where possible, and installing the best available anti-virus that will ensure virus infestation is not a recurring issue.

The more you use your MacBook, the greater the chances of hardware wear and tear or damage. A keyboard, for instance, fades over time due to frequent use. Also, a screen can crack or get damaged, the touchpad can stop responding or your MacBook might require a RAM upgrade. Our key selling point when dealing with MacBook repairs is the focus on original parts and components. Whatever the hardware replacement you require, we make a special effort to source only original parts for your MacBook to ensure you continue getting the same service from your computer that you were getting prior.

How about a blue or black screen? A blue screen is often associated with driver problems or a startup drive issue. If the startup drive is the issue, then a repair of this drive is required. It can be done via Apple’s disk utility or a third party app. Unless you are computer expert, messing with the disk utility can create more problems for you instead of solving them. In addition, though a startup drive issue is often the cause of a blue or black screen, sometimes this is not so. It requires that someone who has dealt with Apple devices before to go through the MacBook to determine the exact cause of the blue or black screen.

Due to the fact that this is a problem we frequently deal with, you cannot go wrong with trusting Device Expert. Apple devices are usually so unique that it will take more than just casual knowledge to correctly repair a MacBook. Our frequent dealings with MacBook Repairs in Perth and the expertise of our technicians make us a premier solution for your MacBook problems.

Some of the common issues fixed by us are:

Screen Damage

Data Recovery

Water Damage

Stuck on boot loop

Blue or Blank Screen

VIRUS Removal

Keyboard Replacement


Very customer focused. Device Expert were very helpful, courteous and went out of their way to assist me. The repairs were done very well and quickly. Thanks
What a great service! In this age of rip-offs, it’s refreshing to know that a business quickly repairs your product AND rings you to tell you it’s done AND will cost no more than their quote. I wish I had more iphones to get repaired!
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