Why Does My Laptop Screen Keep Going Black?

08 Feb 18
  Have you ever been right in the middle of a nail-biting scene in a movie and then all of a sudden, when the suspense is about to be revealed, your laptop screen goes black and your system stops working. Usually, in this scenario, you left in shock and the urge to throw your laptop against a wall kicks in. But as you probably already know, this is not the best method of repairing a laptop. Instead, you will lose your device, forever. When your laptop screen goes black, you need to be patient and try to identify the root of the problem.
  In this case, you may think the laptop screen is the main issue but it is not necessarily. Whether the problem is minor such as a screen brightness setting or more serious like a damaged monitor, you don’t have to buy a new laptop. As laptop repair specialists, we have a few tips we would like to share with you. Hopefully, the following will help:


First, you need to check if your system is booted properly because incomplete booting can be a problem. If you boot the system properly and it’s still not working, then the issue can be BIOS related or to do with another software installation. Try connecting your system with another monitor to see if the same issue occurs, and if it does, then the problem has to do with the software and not your laptop screen. If another monitor is not available, check the lights on your laptop, such as the power button, caps lock, and num lock. If the lights are ON, then the root of the problem has to do with your monitor screen.

Basic Setup

Try to assess your laptop’s basic features by adjusting the brightness. Most laptops offer the brightness keys on the keyboard itself. Another part to troubleshoot is the memory card so check if it has been inserted properly. The third thing that you can test out is if your laptops starts with the AC power, only as suggested by leading laptop screen brands.  To do this, you can directly plug the AC adapter into your laptop and remove your battery. This will help you determine if the battery is the issue or whether the black screen is caused due to a charging fault.
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Update Your Drivers and BIOS

If you succeed in plugging your laptop with an external display, visit your manufacturer’s website and update your drivers. Also, update your BIOS. These two parts, if not properly updated, can hinder your booting. On your manufacturer’s website, you can also look for common issues that can be the cause of your black screen and solutions in fixing it.  You may need to reset the BIOS if everything else is fine.

Hardware Issues

Your laptop screen can turn black due to a defect in your hardware. Therefore, you need to investigate the hardware thoroughly. This includes a loose cable or a broken monitor screen. To fix a loose cable, you should have some basic knowledge of opening and disassemble a laptop. If the problem is linked to the hardware, then your laptop screen will be blank, not black. A blank screen is partially functional and gives off some signals and lights.
  On the other side, a black screen can be the result of a hardware failure. It is highly recommended that you send your laptop to the manufacturer, if under warranty or to laptop repair professionals if your screen is black due to hardware failure. Hardware issues are very complex and require experience and expertise. The situation can get worse if you try to repair the laptop by yourself so be cautious.

Video Card

The Video card should also be examined and checked whether it has been inserted correctly or not. When your system runs, the video card can heat up quickly, which may also damage your screen. Connect your laptop to another monitor. If the other monitor screen is also black, then your video card may be damaged.
  laptop screen black


We all know that laptops generate heat when operating which raises the internal temperature. This temperature can damage the internal devices if the ventilation is not working correctly. Every laptop has small plastic fans to vent this heat. But if the fan or its surroundings are dusted then this will prevent the ventilation and can lead to internal damage. So, clean your vents periodically and remove all the dust so that your system never overheats, and works efficiently. If you tried all these steps and you are still experiencing problems, contact us, your professional laptop repair experts.

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