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The iPhone X hit the market in late 2017 bringing with it a beautiful bezel-less phone design. The new model had very significant external and internal features making many people want to own one. As iPhone repairs Perth experts, we have repaired over 25,000 iPhones, making us a leading phone repair and iPhone repair solution.

Other features that made the iPhone X stand out were the lack of a home button, a 5.8-inch OLED display, and wireless charging features, a glass form and a stainless steel factor. However, the iPhone did not come without its share of problems. Some of the problems included temperamental and non-responsive displays. Apple admits that there are faults with the model and are offering free iPhone X repairs.

With many people from across the globe complaining of the faults, Apple has since discontinued the production of the iPhone X and replaced it with newer and better versions of iPhone XS, XR and XS max. The new models do not have the same touchscreen problems but that does not mean that the issues with the iPhone X are irreparable. You do not have to put your gadget away but can come to us for iPhone X repairs. We are an authorised Apple’s service provider and we will get your phone back up and working.

How to know if your iPhone X is eligible for repair

If you find any of the following issues with your iPhone X, then you are eligible for the free repair services extended by Apple.

  • If your iPhones display or part of its display is not responding or intermittently responds to touch, then your iPhone is eligible for free repair.
  • If your iPhones display reacts even without any touching, then it is eligible for free repair.

The above free repairs do not extend to any other iPhone models.

Conditions to note before having your iPhone X repaired

  • Make sure to back up all the information in your iPhone to either iCloud or iTunes. This is because the repairer may have to erase all the information in your phone, which includes the find my iPhone feature.
  • Arm yourself with a sales receipt because there may be need to prove the authenticity of purchase
  • Along with your device, bring along any other accessories that you think may need repair too.
  • Carry along an item for personal identification. This could be a government issued id, a drivers licence or a passport.
  • If you have paired your iPhone with any other devices like an Apple watch, separate them. When you do this, your iPhone will automatically create a backup for your Apple watch that you can restore after your phone is up and working again.
  • Deactivate your activation lock
  • Remove all other accessories like the screen protector, Sim card and case. You do not have to carry along your charger and cable.

In case prior to getting this information, you paid for all the services that are now free, contact Apple for a refund of the total costs used. Also, note that the program only caters for iPhone X devices bought in the first three years after the retail sale.

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