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Google pixel is a brilliant phone with a high performance. It’s liquid crystal display allows for attention to detail. However, like any other mobile device, some of its components are prone to failure at some point and hence require repairs. For effective google pixel repairs, it is advisable to seek professional assistance to ensure that your device is perfectly repaired with original parts to a point where no one can easily tell that it has been repaired and ensure that your device lasts longer.

However, there are some minor issues that you can fix on your own such as unresponsive touch screen issue. Google pixel touch screen is splendid with its high class curved display. Nevertheless, intermittent unresponsive touch screen issue may occur. When you are in Perth and you experience this, do not worry, you can use the tips below to solve the issue. Additionally, you should download the latest software patches by google as a way of solving this issue.

  • Switch off your Google Pixel

Switching off your Google Pixel is the easiest way to fix an unresponsive touch screen. Hold down the power button until the device powers down completely. Then restart your Google pixel normally. If the issue is not resolved, try the next tip below. Checking whether the sim card is installed correctly is rarely used to fix a touch screen issue; however, it is a way that can easily repair your Google pixel touch screen. Begin by switching off your device, carefully remove the sim card from the sim-card tray hole using a sim card removal tool. Slide it out then put it back carefully to the right position. Then switch on your device and check whether the issue has been resolved.

  • Clear your Google pixel’s cache

Clearing cache does not only resolve your touch screen issue but can also assist in some issues related to camera and connectivity issues. It is actually a useful way of optimizing the full functionality of your phone. Google supports this! Keep on holding the volume up and home button for a while. Push the volume down button then select “Wipe Cache Partition” and choose “Yes”. Select to reboot the device by pushing the power button again. Once the device is on, you can check for any improvement of the screen functionality.

  • Hard Reset your Google Pixel

Most Google pixel repairs can be done by hard resetting the device. When you hard reset your Google pixel, all the data in your phone will be deleted. Thereby, cleaning the operating system of the phone. When you have decided to factory reset your phone, ensure that you have a backup for your data. Power down your device, push and hold the volume up and power buttons. You will see the Android logo on your screen. Go to “Recovery Mode” then choose “Factory Reset” or “Wipe Data” and get it going by pressing the volume button. You will need to confirm this by selecting the “Yes” option. When the process is done, leave the phone for 30 minutes to one hour for downloading and installing a new operating system.

If the above process does not resolve the issue contact Device expert for a professional repair. More Google pixel repairs include; touch screen LCD replacement, microphone issue, ear speaker and loud speaker issue, charger port issue, liquid damage, device not turning on power, volume keys issue and battery issue.

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