How To Free Up Storage On Your Mobile Phone

21 Feb 18
phone storage
Available space on a mobile phone can get used up quicker than what you might think. Whether its dead apps that are sitting in your phone, old videos, music from 2005, pictures of your last holiday, all these things require a certain amount of space and thus make your phone work harder trying to handle every file.
Today, mobile phones generally have 32gb of space or maybe 16gb, however, this still isn’t enough if you don’t monitor the files on your phone. Once a while, it’s worth it to do a clean up on your phone and erase any files that are no longer in use. Even if you haven’t experienced any issues regarding your phone storage, large files can still affect your mobile performance wise. In our new post, we will discuss how you can free up storage on your mobile phone.

Uninstalling and Deleting Apps

Deleting unused apps is an ideal place to start because it is quite straightforward and takes no real knowledge. If you installed the app, you probably know how to uninstall it and get rid of it. However, just because it has been uninstalled doesn’t mean it’s necessarily deleted, you have to make sure the app is off your phone completely. Deleting a few apps could free up at least 500MB in a short amount of time, so identify apps you do not want and ditch them.

Delete Videos

Like apps, videos take up space on your device. If you have a long list of videos from previous holidays or adventures, it could be taking up a few GBs on your phone but that doesn’t mean you have to delete them per se. What you can do, is move them to a cloud storage or to Facebook where they can be stored without using space on your phone. This way, you will stay have access to the videos with more space. Another thing to do here is to use a Micro SD card for videos or images on your phone. Storing files on a SD card won’t affect your phones internal storage.

Delete WhatsApp Media

WhatsApp is a funny app. If you don’t know by now, when you receive an image or video in WhatsApp from another contact, that media may be automatically saved to your phone’s storage without you even knowing. If you go into your phone’s gallery and see files from WhatsApp, that means it is automatically saving media to your phone as well as storing it in the app. So how can you prevent this from happening? Open WhatsApp and navigate to and tap the three dots in the top right corner, then selects settings > Data and storage.
  Under the ‘Media auto-download’ menu select either ‘When using mobile data’ or ‘When connected on Wi-Fi’ to configure the options. Here you can decide what you would like to be auto-downloaded by checking the box.
  whatsapp menu

Manage Your Downloads

Navigate to your downloads folder on your phone and look through the files. There may be downloads from unwanted programs from a while ago, or STK files you downloaded but now don’t use. Don’t forget about downloads, they can take up significant space on your phone so go through the list and delete what you don’t need.

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