29 Jul 18
is the iphone 8 plus waterproof
As iPhone Repairs Perth technicians, a question we get asked constantly is, is the iPhone 8 Plus Waterproof? New iPhone models are being unveiled in the market constantly meaning phone manufacturers must keep up with the competition while satisfying the consumer’s demand. Mobile phones with a waterproof feature are the latest in the market with consumers wanting the assurance that their devices are protected in case of an accidental drop in the pool.
  So, is the iPhone 8 Plus Waterproof? The Answer: It’s not waterproof, but it is water resistant. Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are one of the latest generations of phones that boast of being waterproof. But can the iPhone 8 plus really withstand being submerged in water for over 30 minutes? Read on to find out the validity of this claim.

IP67 Rating

International Electrotechnical Commission assigns ratings on mobile phones and other electronic devices that are waterproof as well as dustproof. Just like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus has been given an IP67 rating. This means that the iPhone 8 Plus can withstand dust ingress and in addition, it can also be submerged in water of over 1m depth for up to 30 minutes without it being damaged.
The ‘6’ in IP67 rating of iPhone 8 Plus stands for the dustproof rating while the ‘7’ represents the waterproof rating. 6 is the highest rating that a device can get in dustproof rating but 7 for waterproof rating falls behind the highest rating which is 9. This, therefore, implies that the device is not waterproof as we have been led to believe but water resistant. The device’s internal components are sealed together in rubber gaskets to protect them from liquids. Dropping of the iPhone could, however, compromise the IP rating and cause liquid damage to the device.

Liquid type

Despite the high rating given to the iPhone 8 plus regarding its water resistance, it is important to understand that the nature of the liquid matters as it cannot withstand all types of liquids. Seawater, for example, can cause substantial damage to the device because of its saltiness. You should, therefore, leave your iPhone 8 plus behind the next time you are going to the beach for that refreshing swim. However, if you happen to carry your phone and it falls in the sea water, it is recommended that you rinse it with fresh water to curtail the amount of damage caused.
Pressurized water can also break the seal on the handset that makes it water resistant, therefore, causing damage to the internal components of the iPhone. Taking your iPhone 8 plus with you to the shower can cause damage to it because of the heat and steam. Conclusion
Apple’s iPhone 8 plus is not waterproof but water resistant and you should not submerge it in the water on purpose. This is because the water-resistant nature of the iPhone 8 Plus tends to decrease with time due to wear and tear as well as the frequency of exposure to water. The phone manufacturers also do not offer a warranty in case the device is liquid damaged.

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01 Jul 18
best ipad accessories 2018
iPads offer brilliant services. Their appearance and features are breathtaking. However, with additional accessories, the device is better protected and more functional. These iPad accessories are well compatible with the iPad hence do not affect their functionality. Below are some of the best iPad accessories in 2018.

Apple pencil

The Apple pencil is used for the iPad Pro only. It is a beautiful and special stylus that was developed with an excellent technology. The pencil tip has sensors that are compatible with the display of the iPad. This way the screen is able to detect the changes in position, force and tilt of the stylus. This specialized communication offers a wide range of benefits and capabilities that include easy and fast note taking and sketching


An iPad can be used for watching movies and news. To make this functionality more personalized, a lightweight and multipurpose tablet stand is an appropriate iPad accessory. This stand is fitted with clamping arms that have flexible rubber pads that allow accommodation of an iPad you want to use with the stand. Its flexibility allows you to fix the iPad at your desired angle for efficiency. Its base is designed in a way that you can place it at the breakfast table or even on your chest. This way you are able to utilize its functionality fully and in more enjoyable ways.

Apple smart case

This iPad accessory is light in weight and is a form-fitting case that provides the best protection of the iPad screen. This smart cover can be turned around to make a stand and also when taken on and off it automatically wakes or sleeps the screen of the iPad depending on the action done to the case.

Intocircuit Portable power bank

This is an iPad accessory that is portable and has high functionality. If you are using your iPad away from the home, office or in a place that you cannot get access to a power source easily. Having this power bank will work well for you. It uses quality batteries and also shows the exact remaining amount of power in it by using its blue LCD display. It has two ports for charging which enables you to charge two devices at the same time if needed.

Sennheiser Urbanite On-Ear Headphones

An iPad can equally be used to store music and movies. To enjoy listening to the music and watching movies in a private and thrilling way, an additional iPad accessory will be convenient.
The above-mentioned headphones have a detachable cable with remote buttons that help you control music and calls. It is flexible and can be folded and fitted in the provided pouch making it more portable. Additionally, they are comfortable to wear and their sound quality is brilliant.

Fourth- gen Apple TV

This is a brilliant iPad accessory for mirroring your IPad screen on your TV. It has a wide range of uses. It allows you to get access to photos, videos or any other form of entertainment from your phone to your TV. This way you can enjoy this entertainment with your family and friends in a more comfortable way. Interestingly, it is small and portable hence can be useful when making your presentations. When using AirPlay, you can use the same functionality of this accessory without using Wi-Fi. This is by plugging it into the TV using a HDMI.

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In need of iPhone Repairs? Device Expert, is one of the leading iPhone repair specialists as well for iPad RepairsMacbook Repairs PerthLaptop Repairs PerthContacts us here or call us at 0894811551.