21 May 18
smartphone liquid damage recovery
  Smartphones have found their way into the hearts of many. There’s so much value attached to these gadgets. As if to entice us more, mobile developing companies have continuously developed more advanced phones that are not only pricey but also a show of class and elegance. That said, accidents do happen, or we get clumsy at times and before you know it the highly treasured gadget can find its way into water or any other liquid. This blog post discusses some of the dos and don’ts of recovering water damaged phones just in case you find yourself in such a situation.

The Do’s

Take your phone out of the liquid it’s dipped in. Going by the prices of some of the smartphones today, no one wants to lay eyes on such a sight. As much as the situation would be devastating for many, the first step to possible successful recovery of your smartphone is aptly taking it out of whatever the liquid it’s dropped in. If you allow your gadget to stay a second longer in the liquid, then you are only reducing the chances of it surviving the ordeal. So here’s what you do, take it out and immediately switch it off. Your phone may seem just fine but it is very important that you shut it down just in case the opposite is true.
  phone off
If the phone has SIM cards or memory cards installed, safely remove them from their slots. You can also remove the phone from any protective casing or accessory such as flip covers and back covers. This is important because the covers could be holding some water/liquid within the corners of the protective cover and keeping it that way only allows more contents of the liquid to find a way into the internal parts of your smartphone. If the battery can be removed, then quickly remove it from the phone. Try and wipe all the liquid that you can see on the surface of the phone with a soft surface. You can use a towelette or tissue paper.

The Don’ts

Do not try switching on the phone again. I know the temptation is real; wanting to switch it back on to see if it is still working. The truth is that this could end up causing further damage to the phone. All phones have a series of electric circuits and by turning it back on, you are only increasing the chances of the charged circuits coming into contact with water. As we all know, water and electricity have never been a perfect match.
While opening the back side of the phone, be careful and desist from tampering with the parts of the phone that are covered by a warranty. Do not try to unprofessionally dry the phone using a hair dryer or anything of the sort. Why so? doing so might seem like a remedy but in the real sense, it could cause more damage to your phone. For example, drying the phone using a hair dryer could end up exposing your phone to excess heat which could damage your phone. Another danger of blowing the phone is that the act can end up spreading droplets of the water further into the electrical circuits.
  open phone
Do you need help with a water damaged phone? The best person to fix it is a professional technician. Device Expert has some of the best specialists who you can trust with smartphone liquid damage recovery. Need help? Contact us today.

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14 May 18
wont airpods connect iphone
Tangled earphones cords have been stressing many people for a while and Airpods are considered one of the most innovative iPhone accessories with their simple one-tap setup. You will, however, find that sometimes your Airpods won’t automatically synchronize with your iPhone, iPod or Mac and this article is meant to help you troubleshoot your Airpods.

Turn your iPhone off and on

Long press the power button of your and slide the red ‘power off’ icons that appear on the screen to turn your iPhone off and long press the power button again to turn it back on. This allows all the applications that were running to close and start afresh.

Turn your Bluetooth on

Open the setting application on your phone and under the Bluetooth menu, click the switch. It will turn to a green color indicating that the Bluetooth is on. Turning the Bluetooth on allows your iPhone to connect to any iPhone accessories that are within its range.

Update your iPhone software

You should ensure that your iPhone is installed with the latest operating system. To update your software, click on the settings application and then general settings. Tap on software update and continue to install the latest software which might fix the problems you are experiencing on your iPhone.

Charge your Airpods and the charging case.

Putting the Airpods in the charging case enables them to draw out charge from the battery inbuilt in the charging case. The status light on the charging case indicates the charging status of your Airpods and it turns to green when they are fully charged. The 24-hour battery ensures that you get functionality from your Airpods when you need them.  The charging case is charged by plugging one end of the lightning connector into the charging case and the other end into a USB port.

Clean your Airpods and charging case

You might be having problems with connecting your Airpods to your iPhone because dust has gotten into the Airpods or the charging case and affecting their functionality. You should use a soft cloth to gently wipe your Airpods. Be careful to not get moisture into these iPhone accessories.
  apple airpods case

Ensure your Airpods are in range of your iPhone

Apple developed these iPhone accessories to connect to your iPhone by use of the Bluetooth technology and it requires devices to be within a close range for it to function effectively. On the home screen, open the control center and swipe right to left till you get to the audio interface. Tap on the audio output button and if your Airpods are not listed then they are out of range.

Put your Airpods into Bluetooth pairing mode

Putting your Airpods into Bluetooth pairing mode enables a user to connect their Airpods to other Bluetooth devices not linked to one’s iCloud account. You should then go ahead to pair your iPhone with the Bluetooth device.

Reset all settings

Resetting all settings restores everything on your phone’s settings applications to factory defaults and this might solve some of the problems in your iPhone. To reset your iPhone, on the settings applications tap on general and then select reset all settings.

Repair your Airpods

If your Airpods are still not working by the time you get to this stage, you might need to repair your Airpods. Return them to the Apple store where you purchased them and get an exchange.

iPhone Repairs Perth

In need of iPhone Repairs? Device Expert, is one of the leading iPhone repair specialists as well for iPad RepairsLaptop Repairs PerthContacts us here or call us on 0894811551.
07 May 18
common macbook problems
  MacBook computers are developed by Apple Inc. and target the consumer and education markets. It has been branded as the bestselling Macintosh as users don’t have to waste their valuable time troubleshooting problems. While this is true, a few issues arise while using Mac and listed below are some of the best methods used for MacBook repairs.

How to fix startup problems

Sometimes you will find that your Mac laptop will not turn on and this mostly is due to plugging issues. What you should do in such a case is change the socket you are plugged in to ensure it’s not the issue. Ensure also that power is going to the screen and the brightness level is turned up.
If the MacBook is flashing a question mark on the screen or you get a blue screen once you turn on your MacBook, then you have a startup issue. If it is displaying the flashing question mark you have a failed disk space and you should put your Mac in recovery mode and choose the correct startup disk which is Macintosh HD in most cases. In the case of a blue screen you should start it in safe mode and if the problem persists you should check your login items.
  blue screen

How to fix performance issues

Is your Mac running slow? The first step in the MacBook repair of this issue is to check the root of the problem. This is done by opening the activity monitor and clicking on the memory tab where a list of all the currently running problems pops up in either green or red color. Those in red color are the ones slowing your Mac down. You should select the application with the largest share as it is hogging your CPU and close them down from its menu.
We have all tried at one time to connect external devices to our computers via Bluetooth in vain. The MacBook repair for this problem is to restart your Mac. You should then click on the Bluetooth icon at the top right of your Macs menu bar and turn the Bluetooth on and off and then try to connect your device.

How to fix unresponsiveness

Your MacBook might freeze while you are in the middle of an urgent task and the recommended MacBook repair for this is to force quit. But be warned because you might lose important data. An unresponsive application might also be slowing your Mac. You should click on its icon in the dock and force quit.
A spinning beach ball might also appear on the screen of your Mac and this is attributed to low disk space. It also indicates that too many processes are running co-currently and it cannot take in any more commands at the moment. It is advisable to have a 10% of your total disk space free to have such problems.
If you experience delays in shutting your Mac down it might be because of applications that are still closing and you just need to be patient and give them time to close. You can either long press the power button or force quit if the problem persists. Forcing quit however is not recommend for MacBook repairs as it might lead to loss of data.

macbook unresponsive

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