21 Feb 18
phone storage
Available space on a mobile phone can get used up quicker than what you might think. Whether its dead apps that are sitting in your phone, old videos, music from 2005, pictures of your last holiday, all these things require a certain amount of space and thus make your phone work harder trying to handle every file.
Today, mobile phones generally have 32gb of space or maybe 16gb, however, this still isn’t enough if you don’t monitor the files on your phone. Once a while, it’s worth it to do a clean up on your phone and erase any files that are no longer in use. Even if you haven’t experienced any issues regarding your phone storage, large files can still affect your mobile performance wise. In our new post, we will discuss how you can free up storage on your mobile phone.

Uninstalling and Deleting Apps

Deleting unused apps is an ideal place to start because it is quite straightforward and takes no real knowledge. If you installed the app, you probably know how to uninstall it and get rid of it. However, just because it has been uninstalled doesn’t mean it’s necessarily deleted, you have to make sure the app is off your phone completely. Deleting a few apps could free up at least 500MB in a short amount of time, so identify apps you do not want and ditch them.

Delete Videos

Like apps, videos take up space on your device. If you have a long list of videos from previous holidays or adventures, it could be taking up a few GBs on your phone but that doesn’t mean you have to delete them per se. What you can do, is move them to a cloud storage or to Facebook where they can be stored without using space on your phone. This way, you will stay have access to the videos with more space. Another thing to do here is to use a Micro SD card for videos or images on your phone. Storing files on a SD card won’t affect your phones internal storage.

Delete WhatsApp Media

WhatsApp is a funny app. If you don’t know by now, when you receive an image or video in WhatsApp from another contact, that media may be automatically saved to your phone’s storage without you even knowing. If you go into your phone’s gallery and see files from WhatsApp, that means it is automatically saving media to your phone as well as storing it in the app. So how can you prevent this from happening? Open WhatsApp and navigate to and tap the three dots in the top right corner, then selects settings > Data and storage.
  Under the ‘Media auto-download’ menu select either ‘When using mobile data’ or ‘When connected on Wi-Fi’ to configure the options. Here you can decide what you would like to be auto-downloaded by checking the box.
  whatsapp menu

Manage Your Downloads

Navigate to your downloads folder on your phone and look through the files. There may be downloads from unwanted programs from a while ago, or STK files you downloaded but now don’t use. Don’t forget about downloads, they can take up significant space on your phone so go through the list and delete what you don’t need.

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15 Feb 18
why is my phone not charging
  Uh, the dreaded situation of a mobile phone not charging even when it’s plugged in. This is arguably one of the most frustrating situations and it usually takes place when we really need our phone to charge. Whether you have a Samsung or iPhone, we will explain in this post why your phone isn’t charging and what to do.

Try Another Charger

The first thing you want to do in this situation is to start eliminating variables as to why your phone is not charging. Start by using a completely different charger (including a different wall socket) and see how your phone responds. This immediately tells us whether you have a broken charger or phone.
samsung fast charger

Check Your USB Port

Your USB port could be the reason for a dead phone. Is there anything obstructing your port with the charger? Grab a flashlight and inspect the port to see if it may be dirty or out of place. The smallest fracture can prevent a phone from charging to inspect it to see if anything looks odd. A USB port can become faulty from continual inserting a and removing of a charger, and often times not gently. Try blowing into your port to remove any minor obstructions and then see if it makes a difference.
charging port

Reboot Your Phone

Reboot your device and keep it off for a few minutes. Often, we experience problems with our phones and a simple reboot get everything back in place. However, this is unlikely to solve the problem but can still work!

Why Is My Samsung Phone Not Charging?

For Android users who recently upgraded to the latest software version, try downgrading to see what happens to your phone. The reason could like within your phone in that it is not capable of running the latest version and is thus affecting the hardware. If this is the case, you should consider sticking with the previous Android version.

Switch Batteries

The average lifespan of a mobile phone battery is two years. After two years, the battery can start to drain quicker and become less responsive. If you have had your battery for longer than two years, consider getting it replaced. This is not only to help your phone charge, but it also helps the overall health of your phone. This could be an even more serious issue if your battery has started to increase in size or leak fluid. If you have noticed an increase in size in your battery, get it to a mobile phone repair shop right away to get it changed.
samsung battery

Use a Powerful Source

Please do not use your laptop to charge your phone (unless you must). Laptops provide a weak power source because they must be charged too. A wall socket delivers double the amount of power compared to a laptop so to test if your phone is not charging, use a wall socket.
smartphone laptop source

Use Ampere

There are multiple reasons why a phone may not be charging, a great tool in detecting issues is Ampere, which is available from the Google Play Store.
Ampere is helpful in knowing if your phone is charging the speed of which it is charging. If the number in the app displayed is green, then the device is charging, however, if the number is orange as a negative value then your phone is not charging and is using power. If you have tried all these suggestions and your phone is still not charging, bring it in to have our team of professionals have a look at it. The last thing you want to do is cause my damage to your phone by trying to fix it.

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In need of phone repair services or repairs for your device? Device Expert, is one of the leading repair specialists in iPhone Repairs PerthiPad RepairsMacbook Repairs PerthLaptop Repairs PerthContacts us here or call us on 0894811551
13 Feb 18
  In 2018, almost everything is said and done online. The days of traditional advertising are over, everything today is done through our mobile or electronic devices. As a mobile phone repair shop in Perth, we understand our target audience and how to position our brand to connect with them. The inability to connect with your audience means you will never really see the true potential of your business and how many people it can reach. In our new blog post, we will discuss the why and how’s of marketing your phone repair store and why it’s essential.


Regardless of your brand, you want to be continuously blogging. Blogging is a great way to consistently add new information to your website for your users to read. By doing this, they know they can turn to your store for information on how the products they bought from you. For example, in our recent post, we mentioned what to when your laptop screen goes black. This gives our readers useful information to turn to the next time they encounter this situation. So, blogging comes down to helping your users base and growing your online store.

Social Media

Our Facebook and Twitter pages are constantly being updated with new posts. Why? To grow a social audience and expand our brand. We also know that, especially in 2018, everyone uses social media so why not use a platform that we know will get us seen and recognized as the go-to phone repair shop in Perth. Now you might be thinking, how will I ever have time to promote my brand on social media and handle my business and my customers. Thankfully, there’s a wide range of social media tools that can do the easy work for you. Tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer allow you to schedule posts in advance so you don’t have to continuously remain active on your channels every day.

social media device expert

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is another great way to connect with your audience and promote specials. Whether you’re running a discount on iPhone repairs or you are currently selling a bundle of phone accessories, emails are a great way to communicate this message to your audience.
  As a phone repair store, we collect and save all of the previous repairs that we have done as well as the contact details. This ensures we stay connected with our customers so that when they accidentally drop their Samsung or laptop, they will be coming right back because we have stayed in communication through email. However, keep in mind that most customers prefer to not be spammed so periodically send out emails that will keep the connection light and familiar.

Customer Testimonials

A great way to establish a positive brand is to use previous reviews and testimonials from customers to market your brand. There is a number of different ways this can be done:

Written testimonials:

Simply get previous customers to write up a review and add it to your blog or news section on your website. Use their material to generate content to market your business. Once all your potential customers see this, trust and credibility will begin to grow. Once you have added the review in the form of a post, ask that customer to reference or share the post to their audience on their platforms. This doubles your reach and is a highly effective way to promote your brand.


Using videos to create reviews can persuade potential customers to inquire about your services. Simply ask your customer a few questions about the problems they were having and how you fixed it. This presents a brand as an authority figure in their industry because of what others are saying about them. Again, this also builds your website and gives your users something to watch.
  customer reviews

Build Your Website

It’s highly important for a repair shop to have a modern, user-friendly website because ultimately, your website is the face of your company online. Building a website isn’t a skill anyone just has so you may need to consider hiring a professional. Some questions you need to ask yourself is whether you will need a copywriter to write your website content or a web designer to put together your website in accordance with your brand. Will you need an SEO expert to get your website seen online or a social media strategist to grow your social platforms? These are all questions you need to consider when building your online presence.

Online Business Directories

As a mobile phone repair store based in West Perth, Device Expert has been submitted to various local business directories around Perth.  This is important because people often go to local directories to find businesses within in their area so you have to position your repair shop to meet the market and where they are looking. Simply sign up on a local business directory (most of them are free) and fill out your profile with a link to your website.
  This will increase the chances of customers in your area finding your store, in addition, search engines will reward your website for being found in multiple places on the internet. Promoting and marketing your store isn’t easy by any means, but it is certainly worth it. Your customers deserve a brand in the market that people trust and know of, so invest in your marketing and get your brand out there.
  Business Directory Listings

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In need of phone repair services or repairs for your device? Device Expert, is one of the leading repair specialists in iPhone Repairs PerthiPad RepairsMacbook Repairs PerthLaptop Repairs PerthContacts us here or call us on 0894811551
08 Feb 18
  Have you ever been right in the middle of a nail-biting scene in a movie and then all of a sudden, when the suspense is about to be revealed, your laptop screen goes black and your system stops working. Usually, in this scenario, you left in shock and the urge to throw your laptop against a wall kicks in. But as you probably already know, this is not the best method of repairing a laptop. Instead, you will lose your device, forever. When your laptop screen goes black, you need to be patient and try to identify the root of the problem.
  In this case, you may think the laptop screen is the main issue but it is not necessarily. Whether the problem is minor such as a screen brightness setting or more serious like a damaged monitor, you don’t have to buy a new laptop. As laptop repair specialists, we have a few tips we would like to share with you. Hopefully, the following will help:


First, you need to check if your system is booted properly because incomplete booting can be a problem. If you boot the system properly and it’s still not working, then the issue can be BIOS related or to do with another software installation. Try connecting your system with another monitor to see if the same issue occurs, and if it does, then the problem has to do with the software and not your laptop screen. If another monitor is not available, check the lights on your laptop, such as the power button, caps lock, and num lock. If the lights are ON, then the root of the problem has to do with your monitor screen.

Basic Setup

Try to assess your laptop’s basic features by adjusting the brightness. Most laptops offer the brightness keys on the keyboard itself. Another part to troubleshoot is the memory card so check if it has been inserted properly. The third thing that you can test out is if your laptops starts with the AC power, only as suggested by leading laptop screen brands.  To do this, you can directly plug the AC adapter into your laptop and remove your battery. This will help you determine if the battery is the issue or whether the black screen is caused due to a charging fault.
  laptop screen

Update Your Drivers and BIOS

If you succeed in plugging your laptop with an external display, visit your manufacturer’s website and update your drivers. Also, update your BIOS. These two parts, if not properly updated, can hinder your booting. On your manufacturer’s website, you can also look for common issues that can be the cause of your black screen and solutions in fixing it.  You may need to reset the BIOS if everything else is fine.

Hardware Issues

Your laptop screen can turn black due to a defect in your hardware. Therefore, you need to investigate the hardware thoroughly. This includes a loose cable or a broken monitor screen. To fix a loose cable, you should have some basic knowledge of opening and disassemble a laptop. If the problem is linked to the hardware, then your laptop screen will be blank, not black. A blank screen is partially functional and gives off some signals and lights.
  On the other side, a black screen can be the result of a hardware failure. It is highly recommended that you send your laptop to the manufacturer, if under warranty or to laptop repair professionals if your screen is black due to hardware failure. Hardware issues are very complex and require experience and expertise. The situation can get worse if you try to repair the laptop by yourself so be cautious.

Video Card

The Video card should also be examined and checked whether it has been inserted correctly or not. When your system runs, the video card can heat up quickly, which may also damage your screen. Connect your laptop to another monitor. If the other monitor screen is also black, then your video card may be damaged.
  laptop screen black


We all know that laptops generate heat when operating which raises the internal temperature. This temperature can damage the internal devices if the ventilation is not working correctly. Every laptop has small plastic fans to vent this heat. But if the fan or its surroundings are dusted then this will prevent the ventilation and can lead to internal damage. So, clean your vents periodically and remove all the dust so that your system never overheats, and works efficiently. If you tried all these steps and you are still experiencing problems, contact us, your professional laptop repair experts.

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In need of laptop repair services or repairs for your device? Device Expert, is one of the leading repair specialists in iPhone Repairs Perth, iPad Repairs, Macbook Repairs Perth, Laptop Repairs Perth. Contacts us here or call us on 0894811551
02 Feb 18
  We’ve heard it again and again, ‘should I get a case and screen protector for my phone’? The answer: Yes. As phone repair specialists in Perth, a cracked screen is one of the most common issues we see. It’s almost inevitable. If you own a mobile phone, there’s a good chance you have dropped it, or still will.   It’s expected. So how do we combat this? Protecting your phone can save you time and money so it’s worth investing into some gear that may prove to be beneficial in the long run. Whether you own an iPhone, Samsung or an HTC, your phone needs protection. In this blog post, we will be discussing what you can use today to start protecting your phone from its next drop.

Screen Protectors

The general rule of thumb is this; if you are buying a phone, buy a screen protector with it. Don’t buy a new phone and plan on buying a screen protector in the future because, by the time you actually buy one, you may already need to get it repaired. Your phone needs a screen protector to keep it from scratches and cracks. So as a mobile phone user, you owe it to yourself (and your bank account) to ask one simple question: is it cheaper for me to pay for repairs later, or to buy a screen protector and case now? I think we all know what the answer to this is.

How Do Screen Protectors Work?

Essentially, screen protectors act as an extra layer of protection on top of the glass that aids in scratch and dirt prevention as well as absorbing shock when it hits the surface. There are mainly two types; plastic and tempered glass.

Plastic Screen Protector:

If you’ve ever seen bubbles on your mobile phone screen, you have a plastic screen protector. A plastic screen protector offers a basic form of protection to your phone. This protector keeps the general issues at bay such as scratches, dust, and dirt. The advantage of the plastic protector is that it’s easy to apply to your phone, however, getting the mobile phone seller to apply the screen protector on your phone for you is probably the safest option.
  plastic screen protector  

Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

This is where things get serious. In short, glass does the job. A glass protector is really an upgrade from plastic because it offers stronger protection as it actually absorbs extra pressure when a phone drops or when it’s smashed. If you have the budget, go for the glass protector because it will still be cheaper than getting your screen repaired.
  glass screen protector  

Phone Case

Just like your screen needs protection, the outside of your phone needs a case that’s going to prevent scratches and dents. One thing to remember is a case isn’t just to keep your phone looking shiny, it mainly for ensuring the phone itself is not damaged. Even if you don’t care about scratches or dents, the inside of the phone is a lot more important than the outside, so you must ensure that is being protected. The iPhone for example, has a camera lens flush with the back, meaning it’s much more prone to damage. In addition to damaging your camera, you could also damage one of the buttons on your phone, which would lead to an extremely frustrating experience when using it, and therefore result in having the button repaired.
  screen case
  Another great advantage of having a case on your phone is that it will be easier to sell the phone if it has been protected from the beginning. A phone that has never had a case will look a lot worse than a mobile that has been protected and therefore, a lot harder to sell. At the end of the day, protective gear is about saving money. By equipping your phone with a screen protector and case, you are prolonging its value. It’s up to you, pay an extra $30 for a screen and case, or pay a few hundred for a repair.

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