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The one of the major issue to the all laptops are the overheating. The overheating of the laptops may due to the damage to the cooling fans in the laptops. This damage to the cooling fan can cause the overheating to the graphic chip and and cause the bad solder contacts and thus came to work the laptop lazy. To repair a laptop of any brands are very costly. So maintaining the laptops in the good conditions are the best way to protect from damages.


The frequent and regular service to the laptops will keep the system to work without any failure. Check the airflow to the laptops are working and try to not block the same. There is a chance to dump the dust in the cooling fans of the laptops, this may lead to the overheating of the system.


Tips to avoid overheating of laptops:

Avoid the usage of laptops in soft surface like bed, sofa, clothing etc, it will prevent the air ventilation. Use hard surface for the seating of laptops. Take care of the air ventilation to the laptops while you are using on lap. Cooling fans are available for the laptops, try to use it.

When the laptops are getting too much overheating and found any malfunction, it is better to repair the laptops as soon as possible.


Device Expert have professionals and have facility for the laptop repairs in Perth. Device Expert will take care of all the issues to the laptops and deliver the system on time without any fail.

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iphone camera

The iPhone’s may have gotten lots of upgrades over the years, and it may be one of the most popular cameras in the world, but that not to say perfect. Just like the other camera, the iPhone can also be subject to hardware issues and software bugs. In this section, we can discuss more about the common iPhone camera issues and solutions for that.


Sometimes you might have problems taking photos, might have issues in photos you take, or even have problem in finding the camera app.


Common iPhone camera issues for users:-

Black screen from Camera App:

Sometimes seeing a black screen instead of of the image that you are planning to take is may be related to the software issues, but many times it may be the concern of hardware.


If the problem is related to the software, which may be because of the software bug. Typically, switching between the front and rear facing camera is enough to fix them.


If, it doesn’t quitting the camera app from the App switcher, and restart it from the home screen may fix this problem, but you can also try the force restart of your iPhone.


After all these steps, if your camera app still showing the black screen, it’s better to contact a professional service.

Blurred photos or out of focus:

The iOS software has a lot of algorithms built into it to help you focus on the photograph’s subject automatically. If your photos are still coming out blurry or aren’t focusing where you would like to be, never rule out the fact that you might be focusing incorrectly.


If it isn’t your problem, then you want to check the hardware issues. One of such issue may be the smudged lens, which may happen due to someone’s greasy fingers come in contact with the glass on the lens.

iPhone’s flash is stuck on or not working:

Another problem that could arise while using iPhone is flash is stuck on or not working. Check whether you have had the flashlight function of your iPhone turned on from the last time you used it and forgot to turn it off. You can simply turn off the flashlight from the control center.


If you are taking photos and the flash is either turning on or staying off when you want to turn on, it might be have enabled the automatic flash.

Camera app is not showing on Home Screen:

If you are trying to launch camera app to take photos, but you are not able to find the app on your Home screen, there could be a few explanations as to why.


At first, the camera app icon might be recently moved to a different page or new folder, that you aren’t aware of. This is pretty common in iOS devices. If you can’t find the icon after searching in all folder, then you need to check the restrictions. It could be because someone has restricted the access to camera app under Settings > General > Restrictions.


These are some common problem related to the iPhone camera malfunctions. If you still facing issues in iPhone, consider consulting an iPhone repair expert.

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In need of laptop repair services or repairs for your device? Device Expert, is one of the leading repair specialists in iPad RepairsMacbook Repairs PerthLaptop Repairs PerthContacts us here or call us on 0894811551