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The smart phones in this era became much more than a mobile phone using only for calling. In these days, the smartphones can do anything that you need. In this section we can discuss some common issues of android devices.


Common Android Problems and How to Fix Them

Battery Drain:

The battery drain could be the most dangerous issue for most of us. Numerous users have reported issues with the battery drain issue. One of the easiest way to offer the better battery life is killing the unwanted apps and reduce the brightness settings.


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Some smartphones like Galaxy S5 and above, even includes extra battery saving modes.

Slower user interface:

Our phones typically begin to slow down when the internal storage fills up. Try deleting some unused apps and photos, or move them to the SD card, or try to move the images and others to the cloud. Along with this, we need to close all open apps, that are no longer using. Try to remove the app cache by going to Setting – Apps, selecting one of the apps, and choose the “clear cache” option.

Connectivity Issues:

If you are facing any issues in connecting the wifi, bluetooth, or cellular network, you can try the “Airplane” mode. Enable the airplane mode for 30 seconds, toggle it off and try connecting again. You can check the previous blog to know more about the “Why won’t your iPhone connect to wifi?

Over Heating:

The overheated smartphone is very common just like the battery drain. Try to not use your phone while charging it, and don’t use high CPU using apps for a longer period.


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