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If your phone in cracked or stolen by someone, then you will not just be down the cost of a phone, but also a huge amount of data. Unfortunately, it’s hard to take backup of an android device than it is to backup an iPhone. There are a set of processes to follow in order to get backup of all elements of your smartphone. Here are the few steps to follow:


You can backup your data in the old fashioned way by connecting the mobile device to the laptop using the USB. After connecting, access the folders and copy the files to the computer.


With Google, you can backup important things such as contact, calendars, phone settings, app data, and wifi passwords. But it doesn’t work for all your data.

  • Click on the “Settings” in the phone
  • Click “Backup and reset”
  • Make sure that you clicked the “Backup by date” and “automatic restore”. This will helps to restore the app data once the app is downloaded again.
  • Click “Backup Account”
  • Add your Google account
  • Go to settings- accounts – Google – and choose the data in which you would like to backup to apply.
SMS + Call Logs

The play store contains some apps that helps you to backup your calls and messages.

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