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We all know that, how frustrating it to see your battery drain too fast, especially when you need it the most. In fact, battery draining is the most common problem people face in these days, no matter which smartphone you use.

Follow the steps to extend the battery life:

  • Lower the brightness:

  • You can extend the battery life by dimming the mobile phone screen. The brightness of screen consumes lots of power even if only open mobile for a minutes while you check your email. Slide the brightness to lowest level that still enables you to read without straining your eyes.

  • Avoid charging phone overnight:

  • Did you know that keeping the phone plugged even after it’s fully charged can overheat the battery, and then leads to damage. If you want to save your battery life, avoid charging overnight, and keep your phone’s charge between 60% and 80%.

  • Avoid the Vibration mode:

  • It’s okay to keep you mobile on vibrating mode for the incoming calls, but not for the messages and other notifications, this will drain your battery. In fact, the vibration mode zap more power than ringtones.

  • Switch off bluetooth, wifi, and GPS when not in use:

  • The use of bluetooth, wifi and GPS will quickly drain the battery life. You can save the power by turning off these while not in use.

  • Get rid of unwanted Apps:

  • There are lots of apps running in mobile, and people generally not aware of these, but still those are running in background. Force stopping the background running apps will helps to improve the life of battery.

  • Avoid Using Live wallpapers:

  • It’s a fact that the live wallpapers will always consumes more power than the static one.

    With proper care, your mobile battery can save upto two years. It’s normal for batteries to degrade 20% to 30% from their original state. Contact Device Expert, best mobile phone repairs perth, if your mobile degrades more faster than you think.

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